Cynthia Rodriguez, also known as Cyn, a journalist by profession, started practicing yoga in 2009 when she was at the University and also worked as a reporter. During this years of special work performed reporter national media, newspaper and television, at the end of her career her decided to change her life to dedicate to the practice and teaching of yoga.

It was at that moment that started this wonderful story …

I always liked to learn by myself and I was interested in reading and learning yoga at home with my books and reading on Internet. I studied some books to learn for my «Personal Yoga Practice».

«I was taking some kind of «Relax Year» after finishing my career (I started working as a Journalist when I was studying) and I want to take a year off to relax and learn English (I didn’t know any English on that time, just the regular grammar of the public school).

Someone called me and asked me to teach a yoga class in a Hotel in the area, they needed a yoga instructor for that day and it was a kind of «emergency», because their instructor was sick or something like that.

I just did it and It was my first yoga class (I didn’t know English and they didn’t know Spanish, I remember that my only vocabulary was: Left, right, up, down, thank you and tips – hahaha) We had a fun time and they were so happy with the class. I still teach yoga for that Hotel».

After that I took my first yoga teacher training for 300 hours and then another and another… And I and always learning by myself and from other teachers too. – Cyn.

Because of that spiritual growth his life took a very important step in your personal evolution up to the present.

It’s a girl passionate about Yoga, she loves to teach and share yoga with people.

Her first contat with Yoga was wit the renowned Master Edgar Ortiz (director of Yoga Mandir School)

She has also done workshops relating to Yoga and body as Acroyoga arts (yoga and acrobatics) with renowned Montreal Acroyoga teacher, Jill Campbell. (It was fun) 😀

Finally performs her «First Yoga Teacher Training» at the renowned school and Integral Balance Yoga School, YOGA LAMAT in Costa Rica. Studying and experienced teachers with Marianela Ortiz and Juan Pablo Barahona for 6 months.

In this Yoga Teacher Training she studied Ashtanga Yoga with Matias Flury, Anusara Yoga with Silvia Monge, Yoga for the Soul with Francisco Javier Ortiz, The Power of the Intention with Ronald Esquivel, Prenatal Yoga with Monica Mourguiart, Anatomy human with Irene Morales, healing through essential oils (aromatherapy)Reiki (healing using your hands as a energy channel) and Meditation with Marianela Ortiz, Yoga for the 7 Chakras with Juan Pablo Barahona, Conscious Food Guide with Juan Pablo Barahona. Obtaining the knowledge necessary to continue its path of light.

YOGA LAMAT school certification meets the requirements of the International Yoga Alliance, the European Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation for a Yoga Teacher Training of 300 Hours. Cyn also is member of the Costa Rican Association of Yoga Teachers.

Basically her routine focuses on Hatha Yoga (type of yoga practiced in the Westtraditionally-physical and integral) mainly emphasized the 5 principles of alignment Inspired Anusara Yoga (the yoga of the heart) combined with Vinyasa Flow method (the flow of body rhythm) and Sufi Yoga, Hara Yoga, Yoga of the 5 elements. Always focused in a Holistic orientation and therapeutic Yoga (physical and spiritual) that not only relaxes the body but also the mind of the practitioner.

1. ANUSARA INSPIRED YOGA AND THERAPEUTIC YOGA: Yoga is a sophisticated Anusara yoga system that unites the science of biomechanics, the yoga tradition and a philosophy that exalts the goodness and creativity of our hearts. The practice of asana (yoga postures) with balanced energetic action allows the prana (vital energy) flow more freely and deeply. The result is the re-discovery of our Supreme Nature brings greater harmony in our lives, and promotes physical healing, emotional and mental.

2. VINYASA FLOW: The art of breathing mixed with the movement between the postures. It is a style inspired by the Ashthanga yoga, but with endless possibilities for creating and mixing always. Greatly increases energy heats the physical body preparing to delve deeper into the different asanas practice increases the breathing capacity and oxygenates every cell of the body. It stimulates our creativity and helps teachers and students to be more present.

3. YOGA OF THE FIVE ELEMENTS: Combination yogic techniques (asanas, pranayama) with Chinese medicine principles (elements and meridians) focused detoxify and regenerate all internal organs. Points are combined with energy balance power (acupressure), movements and vibrations also work deep into the emotional field of the person.

4. SUFI (Kundalini Yoga): Mix between breathing fire and specific movements to activate all energy channels of the body, detoxify, purify and strengthen us from our essence, with the intent to break old patterns that keep us from being ourselves.

5. HARA YOGA: Combination of postures and movements directed towards the activation and connection to our center, the hara, also known as a vital center of the navel, or mansion of power. Helps strengthen both physically and emotionally, as well as stimulating our internal organs and balancing the digestive system elimination.

6. MEDITATION: We learned the importance of meditating, the benefits and the process of doing meditation, the different types of it. Taking this tool as a deep option to connect with our self’s to be centered in the daily living and to share with others the importance of practicing it.

«Yoga is passion, you have to live intensely, in the areas of peace are, is a gift to the heart and teach from the heart must be the key to all Yoga instructor» ~ Cyn ~

~ Namaste ~ Pura Vida.